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Financial Hardship

Financial hardship

We’re committed to supporting customers facing financial hardship. Financial hardship involves an inability to pay a debt, rather than an unwillingness to do so. Financial hardship may arise from a variety of situations and may be for a limited duration or long term.

For more information about the financial hardship provisions under the General Insurance Code of Practice, read Part 10 (Financial Hardship) of the Code here.

How we can support you

We’re here to support you. If you’re having trouble paying a financial obligation to us, fill out our Financial Hardship Application Form and call us to discuss your situation. We’ll liaise with the underwriter of your policy to work out a plan. The underwriter may agree to assist by:

  • Delaying the date on which a payment must be made;
  • Allowing you to pay by instalments within a reasonable timeframe;
  • Allowing you to pay a reduced lump sum amount;
  • Delaying one or more instalment payment for an agreed period;
  • Deducting the excess from the claim amount payable to you;
  • Putting recovery action on hold if applicable, while the application is being assessed or;
  • Waiving cancellation fees.

We will tell you if the underwriter requires additional information to support your hardship application, which you will need to provide within 21 calendar days.

When all requested information has been received, the underwriter will confirm within 21 calendar days, whether they will give you Financial Hardship support.

Fast tracking of urgent claims

If an event, such as a natural disaster, has meant you have to make a claim under your policy and also caused you to be in urgent financial need of benefits under that policy, please let us know. We will endeavour to speed up our assessment to give you a decision on your claim or pay an advance amount to help ease your financial need. We will do either or both within 5 business days of you demonstrating your hardship.

Access to other information and support

If you wish to speak to someone, the National Debt Helpline provides confidential financial counselling resources that can provide advice to Australians in every state and territory.

Contact the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007.